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From a very young age, everyone is taught that the family is the basic and most important unit of society. Family and the relationships that it comprises are capable of fulfilling more of our social, emotional, intellectual, economic, and even spiritual needs than any other relationship we have in our lives. Family plays a critical role in the choices that we make, the quality of life that we have, and ultimately the kind of person we become.

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When family issues arise and relationships become troubled, things can get tough, awkward, and confusing, especially when the courts get involved. Having substantial experinence in Pennsylvania family law, the attorneys at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC know that you just cannot deal with everything alone. You’re going to need help, and our experienced family law attorneys are here to give you the support, guidance, and representation you need during this difficult time.

No matter what family law matter you are facing, from contested divorce, a battle over child custody, a demand for child support, or a fight for father’s rights—Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC is committed to helping you understand what’s going on, what options you can take, what the future could look like for you, and how you can come up with a viable plan for your life and future.

Legal issues involving one’s family can be physically, emotionally, and financially exhausting for anyone. This is what Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC is here for. Through our expertise in family law, experience in the Pennsylvania court system, and meticulous research capabilities, we provide reliable, reputable, realistic representation.

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Experienced Family Law Firm

Established in 1998, Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC has been a trusted family law firm in the Bairdford area for over two decades. With our team of accomplished attorneys, we have been representing a wide range of family law clients and cases. We are confident that, more than just handling your family law matter, we can help make this time less burdensome and stressful for you.

Here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC, family law attorneys are committed to giving you excellent-quality legal support at reasonable rates you can afford. Here are some of the family law matters that we can help you with:

  • Dedicated divorce attorneyDivorce Attorneys: Divorce can look like different things to different people because every divorce is as unique as the family that deals with it. Whatever issues and challenges your divorce may bring, our divorce attorneys here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC are dedicated to protecting your rights, your children, and your future.
    • Equitable Distribution of Property & Assets: The division of assets and property are among the most complicated things to deal with in a divorce. This is especially true in business and high-income divorces, where business assets, shared properties, and partnerships are involved and need to be separated. Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC’ team of divorce attorneys are sharp, meticulous, and highly competent; they will help protect your interests and let you know how you can use your other assets to your advantage.
    • Alimony & Spousal Support: Often, one spouse is considered to be the “breadwinner” for the family, meaning that they are responsible for bringing in the majority of the household income. If you are a dependent spouse, you may be eligible to be awarded alimony during your divorce proceedings. Our dedicated alimony attorneys help you understand how divorce can impact every aspect of your financial future.
  • Experienced child custody attorneysChild Custody Lawyers: Divorce is already a complex situation. When children are involved, it becomes more complicated and more fragile than ever. In these situations, your goal is to get to an arrangement that works for the best interests of the child/children, which typically means giving them the opportunity to build or maintain healthy, loving relationships with you and with your spouse. Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC helps you achieve that goal.
    • Custody Enforcement: If you’ve already determined what the child custody arrangements would be, but things aren’t going accordingly, our child custody attorneys here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC are ready and equipped to support you in getting the custody arrangements enforced.
    • Custody Modification: Sometimes, modifications need to be made to your child custody arrangements in order to best meet the specific needs of your child. If you’re looking to modify your existing child custody plan, Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC is here to guide you through the process and ensure its success.
  • Child support lawyersChild Support Attorneys: In Pennsylvania, child support is based upon guidelines that the state has determined to establish how much is needed to support minor children. These guidelines are based upon the incomes or earning capacities of the parents and the number of children in the family, as well as any additional needs or considerations of the children. Whether you’re a parent seeking minor child support or are contesting your support obligation, Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC’ child support attorneys can analyze all relevant details and factors to establish a compelling case on your behalf.
  • Father's Rights AttorneysFather’s Rights Lawyers: Whether married, single, or divorced, most fathers seek to exercise their rights to their minor child or children—to communicate with them, to have physical access to them, to have some decision-making authority over them, or the opportunity to provide for their needs. If you want the same thing, our team of family law attorneys here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC are ready to use our knowledge and experience to help you secure your place and role in your child’s life.

As a trusted family law firm here in the greater Bairdford area, we understand that family issues and concerns vary from one family to the next. This is exactly why we make sure that the legal services that we offer are tailored to suit every client’s unique needs and circumstances.

We also understand that family law cases can be a very personal matter to deal with, throwing you into a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC, we providing compassionate and caring legal representation to our clients. Our goal is to support you in as many ways as we can. From high-quality legal support, to a listening ear, to honest answers to your questions, Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC is here for you!

Let’s Talk- Compassionate Legal Advice

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Dealing with divorce, child custody, child support, annulment, or father’s rights cases are both mentally and physically exhausting. In addition to fierce legal representation in court, you need someone who listens to you, gives honest answers to your questions, gives you excellent legal advice, and offers professional insight into your case. That’s what Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC and our team of family law attorneys can offer you.

We are passionate about helping you understand your situation, know your options, and giving you the resources you need to make both wise and informed decisions. Family issues are not the end of the world. With the guidance, support, and representation of the highly competent lawyers here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC, you can look forward to a brighter future for yourself and your family.

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