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divorce and family law attorneysWhen you think that you cannot resolve your conflict with your spouse or you no longer wish to live with them, an annulment is an option you can take to end your marriage. When you get an annulment, your records will look l

ike you never married at all, and you will be free to find new love.

But getting an annulment is tricky, especially in Westmoreland County, because of the criteria the state has for such claims. If you intend to get an annulment, you need to get expert advice from a Westmoreland County, PA family law firm.

Here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC, we can help you get through your annulment request. We will look into your case to see how we can help, answer your inquiries about the legal process, and how we can defend you best in court to get your ideal resolution. Our Westmoreland County team of amazing lawyers is committed to ensuring that you are informed and have the resources necessary to come up with the right decision for your future.

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What Qualifies as Grounds for Annulment?

man watching family sunsetIn Pennsylvania, there are two types of annulment that you can file: annulment of a void marriage and annulment of a voidable marriage. Both types have different requirements before it is considered valid for annulment.

Here are the grounds you have to look for:

If the marriage is a void marriage, they are not recognized by law in the state. But, it can become valid if the couple in question continues to live with one another after the issues regarding their marriage have been resolved.

Void marriages often involve:

  • Spouses who are under 18 years old
  • One spouse was unable to provide his/her consent due to their mental state.
  • Marriages between a first or second cousin
  • Polygamous or bigamous marriages

If the marriage falls under voidable marriages, they are marriages that can be canceled under certain conditions. Grounds for annulment can be waived if they continue to live with each other even after the conditions they discovered during the marriage were found.

Voidable marriages often involve:

  • One or both parties are under 18 years old.
  • One or both parties married under age 18 and did not get parental consent.
  • Marriages made under the influence of drugs or alcohol (if this is the case, the annulment request must be made within 60 days)
  • One or both parties are physically unable to engage in sexual intercourse.
  • Marriage consents which were gained under duress

Annulment Process in Pennsylvania

collaborative divorceTo get an annulment, you need to know if you have to go to court. Void marriages do not need a court trial to be done to get it annulled.

However, the annulment of a voidable marriage requires a court hearing to be decided upon before an annulment can be granted. It is important that at least one of the parties lived in Pennsylvania for at least six months before they file their annulment case. If one of the parties is under 18 years old, their consent was not obtained before the marriage, and they do not have the mental capacity to decide for themselves, the parents can request for the annulment.

Once it is filed, the court will need to see the evidence to decide if there are grounds for annulment. Witnesses and other evidence must be presented for the court to analyze.

If this is the type of annulment that you will be requesting, you need to get the best family law lawyer to advise and represent you properly. Our Westmoreland County, PA lawyers here at Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC can offer you this advice and be with you throughout the entire process.

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