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Pittsburgh child support attorneysIf you’re looking for a top-notch legal support firm to help you modify your child support agreement, then you came to the right place. Child support modification is a tough situation to handle. You can’t afford to lose some of the important assets that you can get from the law. You need a proper legal support system that can represent you excellently in the court. Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC is all you need to handle the best interest of your family. We have been in the business of family law for more than two decades. With all our experience, resources, and expertise, we guarantee that you can only get the highest quality of legal services you can get in Marshall Township. We can’t wait to work with you.

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Understanding Child Support Modification

child support modification attorneys in Pittsburgh, PAChild support is a court decision that outlines how divorced parents should provide for the financial needs of their children. The usual case is that the parent with fewer custody rights over the kid, called the non-custodial parent, is required to provide monetary support each month, depending on essential factors, such as the kid’s needs and the financial capabilities of the two parents combined. The parameters of the child support as established in the court are fixed and can only be changed upon “material and substantial change in circumstances,” such as a significant change in the income of either or both parents.

The typical case of child support modifications involves the non-custodial parent wanting to decrease their financial contribution, with the custodial parent wanting to increase it. It is rare for the opposite to happen. Here are a few valid reasons for a court to rule a change in the initial child support agreement:

1. If a parent’s income significantly increased or decreased.
2. If there occur any changes in the child’s healthcare insurance.
3. If there is a change in the child’s residence.
4. If the child turns 18 or graduates from high school.
5. If a parent gets jail or prison time.
6. If a parent’s employment status changes.

In Pennsylvania law, a court judge can rule either of the two possible outcomes in such situations: modification or termination. A modification is a minor amendment to certain provisions in the initial child support agreement. On the other hand, termination means the total removal of the non-custodial parent’s financial obligation on the child. This usually happens when the kid starts living on their own.

Three-Year Case Review

Pittsburgh Child Support Enforcement AttorneysEach year, the government via the Domestic Relations Section (DRS) asks divorced families that have child support agreements if they want to have a review on their deal and make any necessary modifications. The parents can say no and leave their agreement just the way it is or choose to modify or even terminate it. But the point still stands that whatever option they may want to choose, it must be for the best interests of the child.

Top-Notch Child Support Legal Aid

Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC offers an elite set of attorneys specializing in family law that can guarantee first-rate handling of your case. We are dedicated to representing our clients in the best way possible. Our decades of experience handling cases of child support, child custody, and other kinds of family situations have trained us to manage even the most challenging cases in Marshall Township, PA. Partnering with us means that you get the driven and compassionate legal help that will commit to getting the best results for your situation. We can’t wait to work with you in your child support modification case.

Free Child Support Modification Attorney

Marshall Township Child Support Modification Attorney best divorce lawyers logoAs experts of legal family assistance, we understand your situation on a human level as much as at a professional and technical level. We know how intimidating and stressful it can be to handle child support modification. Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC offers an initial free and no-obligation consultation with one of our top-notch attorneys to discuss your case. We can talk about the details and recommend the best options for you. It all starts with your call.

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