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Pittsburgh Child Support Enforcement AttorneysMany people might look up to married couples who are stable and wealthy, for they might never experience fighting over expenses. But as a common notion, money cannot buy happiness. Thus, some marriages could end up to divorce. Dealing with riches under marital issues is complicated, and you surely want to start a new life getting what you deserve—financially and emotionally.

Numerous disputes may arise on a divorce that involves a lot of property and assets. You might be afraid of making irrational decisions, given that you are undergoing emotional mayhem. The value of what you have maybe miscalculated, so it is beneficial to get an attorney who is skilled in high asset divorce clearance.

At Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC, we guarantee that you will have trusted and experienced high-value divorce lawyers to arrange the settlement of your assets. Given the sensitive matter at hand, we assure you that we will approach everything professionally and systematically.

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Factors Considered in a High Asset Divorce

Harmar Township High Asset Divorce Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165We understand that every divorce is different from another. However, high asset divorce is particularly dissimilar, and asset division is a significant factor that consumes more effort and time. Owning several assets—business, properties, financial assets, and others—you need to consider certain things like the following:

1. Careful examination of your assets

You and our lawyer will need to sit down and draft all assets included in your marriage that may be subject to division. Expect that your attorney and your spouse’s attorney will dig up properties, investments, and savings and will even find out hidden assets.

Remember that you must be open to your lawyer about all your assets because hidden assets will eventually come out during proceedings. Disclosing them beforehand will avoid punishment from the court.

2. Duration of the divorce

Unlike other kinds of divorce, high asset divorce takes longer. Although you are already eager to move on, the number of your assets may slow the process down. You need to participate in the proceedings for months or years. Otherwise, you will lose some of your valuable assets. You need to be patient, but with us, we ensure that your wait is worth it.

3. Change of lifestyle

Aside from the fact that you will be back to singlehood, you must be prepared for other major lifestyle changes. When the divorce is finalized, you will lose half or more than your acquired marital assets. High asset divorce entails having significant losses and divisions.

4. Professionals on your side

Getting the best lawyers that you can is an important factor to remember, especially if you have a lot to lose in your divorce. To warrant that your assets are protected, you better work with our divorce lawyers to negotiate for all your assets. Our team will determine which part is divisible or deliberated as separate property. Hiring us will ensure that you have a reliable, experienced, and brilliant high asset divorce attorney to help you with your legal battle here in Harmar Township, PA.

Types of High Assets Divided in Divorce

Harmar Township High Asset Divorce Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205The type of assets may be similar to other divorce cases, but high asset divorce imposes even more careful review and representation for both parties. The following are some of the most common assets to be divided:

1. Financial Assets

During the marriage, you and your partner surely acquired some money. We will then help you allocate bank savings, investment accounts, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and even cash. This will also include accounts under your minor children’s names and joint accounts with other people.

2. Real Properties and Moving Assets

Real properties that comprise land, building, and house are assets. As long as there is a recorder deed for the property, it is included. The high asset divorce attorneys of Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC will guide you in knowing such by checking the Assessor’s Office record.

Antiques, artwork, and collections inside your house are also considered assets that are often valuable. Additionally, household goods and furnishings are assets that can even be sold. Ask our divorce lawyers to know which is best considered as one, because the latter are assets that can be moved, like your vehicles, RVs, boats, and others are also measured as assets.

3. Deferred Compensation and Taxes

This type of asset is accumulated by one or both spouses who are employed. Deferred compensation includes bonuses, purchase option of a stock, or a raise. This asset also consists of a contract to perform something for a compensation. Tax refunds or carryover tax losses are assets you must keep in mind. However, there are specific rules for this, so it’s better to consult an expert Harmar Township divorce lawyer.

4. Retirement Accounts

Pensions and 401(k) accounts belong to this type of asset. Consult our high asset divorce lawyers when dividing retirement accounts because laws in each state are different. We will help you navigate through Pennsylvania law together with the federal tax law.

5. Business

A business—alongside the property under it—is an essential high asset. Together with its accounts, receivables, patents, copyrights, and trademarks must be included too. Your business is usually divisible. Despite obtaining the business before marriage or either you or your spouse inherited it, there are portions of the business that will be divided.

The court’s initial conclusion is that all assets are divisible. But to lessen your worry, we can work that out together with a forensic evaluator. We can trace the growth of the business and know which portion is separate property and which is not. Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC guarantees to retain as many assets as possible for you, especially if your spouse did not contribute to its growth.

Other assets that may or may not be included are credit cards, debt repayment, insurance policies, and degree or professional license. Discuss with our divorce lawyers to determine which ones will be counted in.

High asset divorce is much more complex, so you need the help of our attorneys. They have extensive experience in the protection, assessment, and dissemination of substantial assets.

Trust our High Asset Divorce Attorney from Harmar Township

Our years of service and professional endeavors have benefited numerous clients already. The skills and knowledge of our divorce experts are equipped to protect your assets at all costs. The efforts and time you partake will never be wasted with our most dependable high asset divorce attorneys.

Hiring an attorney who is a veteran to high asset divorce will make a difference in the outcome of your case. We will lessen your burden and assure you a confident fight throughout this entire process. Unlike the other half of your marriage, know that Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC makes a promise we will not break.

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Harmar Township High Asset Divorce Attorney best divorce lawyers logoYou must not hesitate to reap what you sow. Going out of trouble that drained you for a long time is much more worth it when you are carrying what you deserve. This is what our high asset divorce lawyers are born for.

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