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Glen Osborne Child Custody Modification Attorney child supportAre you looking to move to another state and worrying about what can happen about your child’s custody? Or perhaps you’re one of the harder cases wherein the other parent of your child is uncooperative with the terms and agreements of your custody? In such cases, a child custody modification must take place to achieve the best interests of the child.

Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC is a first-rate legal aid company that has been providing top-notch legal service to the good people of Glen Osborne, for years. Our experience in the legal industry is extensive enough to guarantee that we provide only the best legal services to our clients. We understand what child custody entails in children and parents alike. We are both compassionate and aggressive in the legal cases that we pursue. You can trust that we will handle your case with the utmost care and excellence. If you are still having massive hesitations about getting legal help, you can talk to us over a free and no-obligation consultation with one of our top-notch attorneys. We are excited to be of service to your family.

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Understanding Modifications of Child Custody

Glen Osborne Child Custody Modification Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Child custody is a court-supported legal agreement between two parents who divorced. It can refer to legal custody, which is the right to decide on the life of the child (such as religion, education, medical, etc.), or physical custody, which is the right to live in the same place with the child.

The first and foremost priority of any child custody agreement is the welfare of the child. The parent who wants to get most of the custody must prove that they can provide the best financial, emotional, physical, and social care to the kid. In Pennsylvania, there are 16 factors that courts consider to be important to a child that’s gaining custody. Some of them include the availability of extended family, relationships with siblings (if any), the preferences of the child (depending on maturity and judgment), and the cooperation or the lack of which between the parents.

There are times when the agreed custody rights don’t work anymore for the child or either of the parents. In such cases, a modification must be done. Child custody modifications can be informal. The parents can just talk it out peacefully anytime they want. If there is no problem with their desired modifications, they no longer need to get a court’s approval. But if the other party doesn’t agree to the proposed changes, the parent who wants to amend the custody agreement must file a petition to the court to make the modifications they want. In such a case, it is proper to get the best legal aid company you can out there. Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC will provide you with everything you will need to achieve the modifications you want for the best of your child’s interests.

Reasons Why People Apply for Child Custody Modifications

Best interests of the child

Glen Osborne Child Custody Modification Attorney paternity lawOf course, when the welfare of the kid is threatened, changes must be made as soon as possible. Perhaps one of the parents notices that the child has too much stress from the environment of the parent who has more physical custody. This case must appeal to the best interests of the child to get the appropriate modifications.

Danger to the child

Danger to the child can mean present and provable danger or just the possibility of such cases. The child does not need to have an obvious mental or physical injury for a judge to rule that changes must be made to the custody. The parent can just appeal and prove to the judge that the people in the environment of the child pose a possible danger in the future.


Dangerous situations don’t always prompt modifications. Some parents find the need to change custody agreements because they need to relocate to a far enough area to affect the physical custody rights of the other parent significantly.

Tough employment situation

There’s nothing wrong with parents who miscalculated the financial responsibilities of raising a child alone. Some people ask for changes in custody rights, such as requiring more financial or parental support from the other parent, because their employment situation is too much for them to raise their child properly.

Uncooperative parent

Custody modification cases that cause the most conflict are those that are triggered by an uncooperative parent. Such cases are very difficult to settle informally. Some even end up with a single parent needing to provide for all the needs of the child alone.

First-Rate Legal Services in Glen Osborne

Glen Osborne Child Custody Modification Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205You don’t need to reach farther places to get excellent legal services. Best Divorce Lawyers PA West LLC is seasoned with hundreds of family cases throughout the years, making us very much qualified to handle your case at the highest efficiency possible. We understand how important family and children are to society. We are passionate about helping people get the best out of our state law. We prioritize the welfare of the children in custody cases. You can trust us with your situation. All you need is to tell us all about your case, and we can guarantee that you will get only the best legal services in Glen Osborne.

Free Child Custody Modification Consultation

Glen Osborne Child Custody Modification Attorney best divorce lawyers logoWe know how overwhelming and intimidating it can be to handle custody cases, especially if you have uncooperative entities. If you’re still having doubts about partnering with us, you can have a free and no-obligation consultation with one of our elite family attorneys about your case. Tell us what you need, and we’ll get right to it in no time. It all starts with your call.

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